Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big girl bed!

Since I posted last things have changed a bit here. Jer is on the road during the week for the next few months so mommy dearest is in full charge. It is hard but I have great friends who are very thoughtful to help out now and again. I don't know how single moms do it. Last week Maggie climbed out of her crib and hit her head pretty good so I decided to go to a toddler bed. My mother in law suggested Duck Duck Goose and since it was opening for the presale I tracked down a pass so I could get first pick. Thanks Jordan! Well I was looking for a $40 toddler bed but instead I bought a sleigh bed with a trundle...a bit more than I was going to spend : ) I just thought what is the point of buying something for a short while when I could get a great deal on a gently used bed...with a trundle. When Jer got home on Friday we went to LR to pick it up. As I moved the crib out of the way I realized I never took pictures of her crib and canopy. So I snapped a few shots of the canopy. Her bumper and crib bedding had been replaced with not so matching practical blankets so I didn't include them in the picture.
Then kids 'helped' Daddy with the bed. It is kinda sad letting the crib go. When Parker moved into a bed it was because Maggie was on the way. Now I don't have a baby anymore. (sorta)
This is a picture of the bedding I picked out. It was harder than I thought to find something I liked. I really liked all the whimsical birds from her nursery but it seemed all the girl bedding I found looked the same...floral pink. I can't stand princess stuff so that was not even an option. For a little girl it is either butterflies, flowers (daisies), or princess. If you don't care for any of that it is slim pickins! It is supposed to be here tomorrow and if I am a better blogger than I have been lately I will post a pic of it all made up.

Maggie slept in her bed for the first time Monday night and did great. She slept until 9 AM. I went in to wake her up and take her picture. Sorry the picture stinks but it is from the video camera...I couldn't handle both so I used it instead.