Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Preschool choir

Parker started preschool choir in the fall. After seeing the ''big kids'' sing on stage at VBS it has been a dream to do the same. A few weeks back Jer was out of town so instead of dropping the kids and heading cross town to visit our youth service I chose to stay and watch choir practice. It was their first time on stage practicing for the big Christmas program. OH MY! My son let me just say really gets into it. The silliness that boy has in him is just....whoa. I thought well this is the first time they have been on stage he really had a hard time paying attention but he will calm down. Last week I went to choir practice. Yes he calmed down but if singing without silliness is a developmental mile stone....we aren't there. After every song he yelled out with arms high, "JESUS!" I guess that is fine since we are at church and all but it is not at all part of the songs. During the practice I turned to my friend who was holding back her giggles and I asked, "What am I going to do with him?" She laughed but I heard another mom say under her breath, "I know what I would do." .....I keep hearing that phrase and thinking... really? I mean I want him to take choir seriously too but he is 3. His choir teachers assures me he is fine. They are friends though so I wonder. We practiced at home with him singing correctly and he can do it. Sometimes I wonder if what I think is funny 3 year old behavior others are looking at saying discipline your child. I sure hope not. Anyway, Sunday night the choir had their first performance. It was an informal missions night in the gym. They were to sing two songs. He was definitely one of the two most enthusiastic but Parker blended fine (in my opinion) with the rest of the performance. He was so proud yelling hi to me and Jer. Sunday is the performance in front of the church. All of our family is coming to watch so it should be super exciting. I guess it is one of the fine lines we walk as mommies. How do you calm a child without taking away an enthusiasm? I just am not ready to do that. Everything Parker sees is the coolest most exciting thing ever. I don't want that to change.
If open mouths determine who is singing the loudest....can you pick Parker?
(Anna Beth was stiff competition on that one : )
A pre-performance family shot.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tradition...year 1

My hubby asked what I wanted for the outside of our house this year. I wanted a manger. So he and Parker headed to Lowe's for a man's trip. After a while he called to show me this precious manger.

We looked everywhere for an outdoor star to hang above it. This one will work.

Now on Christmas morning (before presents) we will go as a family and lay "baby Jesus" in the manger.