Thursday, July 31, 2008

How do they know.

Yesterday I was cleaning up Parker's room as he lay in bed to take a nap. I was holding a little dinosaur that my father gave him the one of two times he has seen him. He looks at me and says, "Mommy, who gave me this"
Me "I don't know."
P " Yes you do."
Me "My dad"
P "Yep and he plays golf"
Me "Yes he does"
P "I wish he would come see me again"
Me "Well, he is not like your papaw. (jers dad) He doesn't come around much. My dad didn't live with me when I was a little girl."
P (sad voice ) "Oh."
The he rolled over hugging that dinosaur. I could feel myself tearing up. Does that stuff ever go away?

Bible school and Anti-August

This week Parker and I have been attending bible school. He is not old enough to go to real bible school but they did create a class for the 3 year olds (and some two) that are not old enough to be in the three year old class. Anyone else have such confusing cut offs? My class has been great. All 10 year old boys but so good. I am actually glad I didn't get the girl class. They are all a little...I dont know....abnoxious? Tonight is the last night. I am glad but kinda sad too. Parker has been getting somthing out of the lessons because last night in my quiz of what snack, craft, game, story, did you have. He told me (okay Jer) that Jesus made a sick person feel better.

I am ready for fall! I am ready for days to get longer and to get back to a routine. I am ready to cook dinner again....remind me of that one in November. I am ready to be able to go to the park. Every year I want to just skip August. I think it is a pointless month. Nothing good happens in August. I am sure there is a birthday of someone I like in August but other than should go away.

Friday, July 25, 2008

gimme a break

No really gimme a break. Let me tell all you out there that can spend 24/7 with your kiddos and never need alone time...I am envious of you. I got some (time alone :) last night while my dear hubby took care of the babies after a long day at work so I could help more at church. Sometimes I don't feel adequate enough to be a mom. I adore my kids more than anyone but I needed a break today. Maggie is teething something awful. She has developed these sore places in the corners of her mouth from drooling so much and Parker has been complaining about a sore in his mouth that I for the life of me can not locate. VBS is an olympic sized event at our church and I have spent all week with the kiddos at church. For the most part they enjoy it but when they are done...they are done. Between the random screams....why do they do that?....and just constant whining and crying I felt like setting sail to Outrigger Island!(VBS Theme) I am noticing a negative trend here. I think this is the third post where I am stressed about the kids. Let me end with a beautiful positive and I will be conscience to air at least 5 more 'my kids are the best posts' before I have another 'woe is me.' I was about to say I need to read ANYONE who blogs with a 'woe is me,' but I don't think that would be beneficial.
Beautiful part:
I went to Mardel's the other day and bought a precious devotional for Parker. I wanted something to read at bedtime with a little substance. He loves it. He looks forward to the next night just to read from his time with God book. We do a little review from the night before and read the bible story that goes with it. I love that little boy....I pray with all my heart he knows my love and eventually a love much greater than mine. Who can fathom?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

long time...little done

Next week is vacation bible school. I always loved VBS as a kid and for some reason this is the first year I have volunteered to help. I must miss teaching in a tiny way because I love to decorate a classroom. Honestly that was about my favorite part of teaching....having the coolest room. Last night Parker and I went to church and left Mags with daddy. He was precious. Anything I asked him to do he said O...kay! in a very determined way. When we had done all we could do I told him we would come back in the morning. Sure enough this morning he comes running up to me as I fed Mags her breakfast. Eyes not even all the way open asking when we are going to church. His mother's day out was at church last year and his favorite part was packing a lunch to eat at 'school'. So we packed a lunch and headed to church. Seriously we were up there all morning and didn't leave till about 1:30. I hardly accomplished anything. It almost seems pointless trying projects with them but I want them to get used to being wherever... whenever. At this stage you just have to do a little at a time...all the time. I had a grateful moment as Maggie was screaming and Parker was blowing a wait it was when they were both quietly eating lunch in the hut we made. I am so grateful to be able to do this. I am so grateful to be with them all the time. No matter how harry things get and how I am sure people were thinking why are you even is so much better being stressed about them than being stressed about someone elses kids and sad that your own kids are stressing someone else!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Discipline for dummies

Okay we went to give report on missions and camp tonight at church and Parker's extended time care person from this morning, a woman I respect, informed me how hard Parker was to deal with this morn. I am so scared that he is going to not be well behaved in school. What do you do? How do you keep a three year old from not throwing tantrums when they don't get their way? I will be researching this topic after I finish this post but in the mean time I am just saying...ugh. It is embarrassing. I mean your children are an extension of you and I feel that 10 times over. Am I too tough or not tough enough. Do I expect too much or not enough? Do I show him I think he is great or does he feel like a troublemaker? I hope not. I feel like I am constantly exasperated by him...Maggie too for that matter. For a moment I felt as though we were making progress. I asked this lady if he is usually that bad. She said not as bad as today but he is difficult. I will begin to follow up better at church. I usually pick up Maggie and Jer does Parker and I don't think public behavior is as big a deal to Jer as it is me. I guess me fear is that he will be the bad kid in school. I was not the best disciplinarian as a teacher and my lack of confidence in that area haunts me. I know he is only three but I don't want to be a parent that excuses behavior because of age. He is only 3, he is only 6...... he is only 16! I want people to be honest with me. If they see me doing something or not doing something that I should do as a mom I need to know. This IS my first rodeo here. When I pray as a mom it is usually for patience and helping me know how to guide him to the cross. Maybe I need to be more specific...

Friday, July 18, 2008


I admit I am not a project finisher. I start things and usually end up finishing way later than I should. I have lived in my house for almost five years and my bedroom is still not complete. I did paint and have all the artwork but I started this headboard thing literally two years ago. I saw a picture in a magazine where they took three doors side by side and applied molding at the top an along each seam to make a headboard. So far I have three doors standing behind my bed. I am making it known that my bedroom will be finished by the end of the summer. I guess having babies and no money has been the main excuses. Babies rooms are much more fun to decorate. Yea Adri! I get to do it again!
I will give myself cuddos for painting the hall and living room last month. All the trim is done and the artwork is back on the walls. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. I having bunko at my house for the first time in a couple months so it has motivated me to finish what I have started. So here is what is left to do. I will take a picture when I finish each one.
My bedroom
1. Finish the door headboard (this is a biggie)
2. Hang curtains ( I already have them...sad I know)
3. Rearrange and hang art
4. Bed on risers (storage for kids clothes and my shoes)
5. Bedding? yeah right
Parker's room
1. Clean out closet...again, I feel like I do this every two months
2. Finish Parker's wall art
1. Find inexpensive bathroom mats

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Parker just informed me he needs a trombone....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parker and Maggie

New and exciting developments...well they are to me. Ha!

Maggie- I swear Maggie grew a foot while I was gone. She is so tall! She took her first steps!
Isn't that about right. I stay home with her for a year and miss the first steps. I know Judy didn't want me to know but it is okay.
Last night I carried her to bed and she kept repeating, "nigh nigh, nigh nigh" So smart!
We rode bikes in the street yesterday and last night. I had a blanket and a little push car for Maggie (yeah right) I look away and there she is. She crawled to Parker's big bike in the street and had one leg straight in the air trying to mount it.

Parker- Parker developed a southern accent while I was gone. He started saying there as
they-er and where is way-er.
Just to let you know he is so smart. Yesterday he was 'writing' on his magnadoodle and said he wrote his name. I took this as the perfect opportunity to teach him the letter P. We drew circles and sticks and put them together to make a p. His first P is hanging on our fridge.
Last night Jer had to work late so I took over at bedtime. I read Go Dog Go the night before and he wanted it again. I read it and then he said he wanted to read it. He read several pages from memory. The stop light says stop and he recognized it. I was so proud. I have worked with Kindergartners who couldn't do that.

Jesus Messiah

Well, I got back Friday from an amazing week in Daytona with the youth. I teach 10th grade girls and they are a great group. We got to hear Louie Giglio speak and Chris Tomlin lead worship. WOW! I actually lost my voice from singing so much. The first night Louie spoke about how big God is. If you have heard this talk before you know how amazing it is. He uses a reference in the word that says God holds the stars in his hand. He then gives all these facts about the size of stars compared to us...and that is just in our galaxy. I really was amazing and comforting at the same time. He talked about how Jesus came down. That it would have been simpler for God to make us try to come up...with actions, works, laws....but he didn't he came down. Then he spoke about finding a cause. This struck me. You know I get to convincing myself that having an average life raising my kids and such is okay and enough. I understand that I have something that others need. I am praying for my purpose. I have felt this desire come and go as I stay at home. I began teaching Sunday school again but I know I am to do more. I am also planning on memorizing more scripture. I need to hide his words in my heart that I may not sin against God. So far on the list....which will take a while is Colossians and Psalm 63. There is so much fun that I tell you about but I am going to stop right there. Maybe I will write more about it another day. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go. So many of my friends could not have had the support to do something so full of blessing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Motherhood And Other Contact Sports

Last night we went to Ashley's for some homemade pizza and a few fireworks. Parker loved them and Maggie wasn't scared a bit. It is funny how different kids are.
Parker is in love with any kind of sport that involves a ball. Last night he continued to blow me away at how much he is able to do as a young three year old. He hits the ball when it is pitched and he has form when he shoots a basketball. I don't want to be one of those parents that thinks their kids are the best but he IS really good...and he loves it. This morning was day three of having his "jobs" he made his bed with a little less help and undressed and dressed himself...with a tiny bit of support. In the middle though he hunkers down in his tighty whities with tight fists growling "I'm a football playa" over in over again. So cute. He loves so many sports he kinda mixes them up. Example
"This is my basket ball helmet"

"Touchdown!" (after hitting his baseball)

And today at the park he said,"Let's go play on the basketball field."

We rode bikes again today at the park and it went so much smoother. This morning I chose a verse to meditate on today. After reading Philipians in my quiet time I chose Philipians 4:5. Let your gentleness be known to all. In those hot frustrating moments at the park (only a couple) I chose to be gentle....not weak but gentle. I guess sometimes I confuse giving in and gentleness. I am to be gentle but firm. We have had little to know melt downs. He has pushed but I gently and firmly pushed back. When we came home he whined "I'm thirsty."
"Ask me without whining and I will get you something"

"Get me something to drink." This is where he was pushing it. He knows one of my buttons is asking nicely and not just a please at the end of a command.
I looked at him with raised I brows where normally I would have said, "excuse me?" He pouted and layed his head on the couch.

"Ask the right way and I would be happy to help you" I left it at that and went to reboot the laundry. He thought about for a few minutes and came back with a cheerful, "would you get me something to drink please?"

The stress I was feeling about his behavior looks a little better today. My attitude is a huge part of it. I know it is one day better but hopefully we are both learning.