Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doesn't sound a bit like me!

What do you know I am behind in my blogging. I am going to stop drawing attention to the fact with the next post! This post is basically to caption some great shots of the weekend before last. It was a whirlwind but I love those kind! Especially when I can take my kids along places that most people wouldn't dare. I have two exceptional kids I might add. They both can be silly as loons but I wouldn't trade them for a million "perfect" kids. I take my kids with me everywhere. This weekend Jordan and I attempted a crazy task! We took our kids to the most amazing wear house sale of cards, invitations, plates and all kinds of fun things. It was a mad house! The kids did great though. When Jordan found out we would have to stand in line close to 2 hours we happily said I would take the kids to McDonald's to play and she got to stand in line...I think I got the better end of that deal! Here are some pics of my fab finds! Oh wait....I was going to get up to take pictures and post them but Jordan actually borrowed my camera! You will have to wait till tomorrow!
Back to the weekend before last

Jer's Granny has breast cancer so Mom-C and I took the kids to race for the cure. We didn't race mind you...if we did we sure didn't win! I made the kids shirts to get some pictures to send to Granny in the hospital. The kids did great and the double jogging stroller was the envy of all with children! Then we went to the toy store to look a doll Santa was thinking about for Mags. I needed convincing that spending an absurd (not American girl absurd) amount of money on her first doll was okay. She is just the one to take in those situations! Since we had our race shirts on we got 20% off our total purchase! That sealed the deal for me! I had so much fun it was like being a kid again except getting to pick what you got for Christmas! Does anyone my age enjoy toy shopping as much as me....I don't think so. Now I just have to keep myself from playing with everything till Christmas!

That night I had a sleepover with my Sunday school girls. What a great group. They are truly the most fun, down to earth group I have ever spent time with. They remind me so much of my friends in high school. They talked until 2:30 AM! Then I went home to sleep in my own bed. The next day was Church of course....amazingly I wasn't exhausted. But then....came.....the.....FAIR.

Having kids gives you a reason to have fun all over again. I mean I liked the fair post marriage pre kids but is just fun to watch you own kids enjoy things. In that department I am doubly blessed. I have the two most enthusiastic, MOM DID YOU SEE THAT! around! After the fair I was definitely tired. I ate so much fried goodness that I am shocked to say I haven't seen it on the scale this week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My dears in the woods

Parker is officially a big boy! He went to the deer woods for the first time today with Papaw and Daddy. He was very concerned for me and tried to assure me the he would be home soon. He asked daddy if there was enough room so I could go. But I assured him deer camp was for boys only! This made his day....that and his new work boots. He was so excited to wear work boots to clean up the deer stand. He let me know that, "we aren't gonna shoot'em this time, Mommy." Ugh....not looking forward to my son (at any age) and live ammunition. I was not raised around guns or hunting so all this I must leave and trust to my dear deer hunting husband. It still scares the crud out of me. I know....boys are 'Wild At Heart' it moms of boys.