Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big gol Pannys!

Maggie has become infatuated with the potty lately. She pee-peed in the potty a few mornings in a row. Since we are stuck inside with bad weather I decided we would try out our new panties. I was convinced (still am) that little boy underwear is the cutest thing ever but Maggie in panties is almost a tie.

The title of this entry comes from my niece Anna. When she was learning to talk my mom kept Parker and her while I was still working. My mom was folding laundry which included her underwear. Anna kept saying what my mom thought was "Big Ole Panties!" My sister laughed when mom told her what Anna said. Then figured out she was saying "Big girl panties!" Too funny!

Update: in the less then ten minutes from her initial visit to the potty, my taking the picture, and starting this post....a puddle on the floor and a very confused 20 month old. Oh well she only has three pair. This potty training session will go by quickly!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Examples of those questions/arguments:

"Mom, what are they doing?"

"It looks like they are cutting down trees."

"No they're not.......Well if they are why are they doing that?"

"Maybe they are going to use the wood to make a house or paper. We use wood to make lots of things."

"Like zoos?"

"I guess some things at the zoo are made from wood."

" I bet they are building a zoo there." (keep in mind this is on a rural road in Bryant)

"I don't think they are building a zoo right here."

"Yes they are! Why would you say that Mom?"

I knew as I wrote my post yesterday I wanted to remember those conversations that happen 100 times a day. So this is for me....one of those things I will look back and laugh at but right now drive you up the wall when they occur sooooo often. I love that kid!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Speaking of cute!

Today at nap time I found Maggie in Parker's bed. She said,"night night, bubba" I said you want to sleep with Parker. " uh huh" She then points to the bookshelf and says "I uh book." Her communication blows me away. Parker could list hundreds of nouns at this age. He did not speak to communicate at her age. It was totally to list. He loved word books, so does she, but she wants to talk about the pictures. It is amazing to me. She can tell me she is hot or cold. She can tell me, "i wan down/up" She can ask me to open or close something. She even says thank you without being prompted. I have definitely seen babies more advanced them my two but I still think mine are brilliant...and being exceptionally sweet doesn't hurt either. We went to lunch the other day and ran into a girl I went to high school with. She has cerebral palsy and is slightly MR. Parker knew right away she was different and was a little scared. As soon as I introduced her to the kids he was so sweet. He told her about T-ball in the spring and I could tell it lightened her day. Or maybe it was just me being proud that he wasn't hiding behind me.

As far as communication goes with little ones...I am so excited that Maggie can tell me what she wants. I am sure in a year or so I will be wishing for a rest to her tongue. I know some ...okay most days with Parker end that way. He can ask questions that have no answer and then argue when you try your best to give him an answer that makes sense. Remind me of my pride of her vocabulary next year!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Best friends and baby Jonah

If I could go back in time 3 years and whisper something in someones ear it would be to my best friend Adrienne. I would say, "On January 18, 2009 you will hold Jonah Russell and he will be perfect." My best friend has been on a roller coaster ride for three years now. One that us moms that conceived relatively easily will never understand. Sunday morning I got a call from her husband that she was being admitted. In two hours I had my kids dressed and ready for church, their spend the night bag packed, arrangements with my sister made. I packed myself picked our third b/f and we were on the road to NWA. Adrienne is a true tough nut. Sometimes I think she enjoys pain. Why else would you run three miles pregnant? I think she met her match yesterday and it was called child birth! I told her in a few days she won't even remember the pain. She said she hopes not! He is absolutely perfect! Seeing that little round backside in a sleeper with his legs pulled up makes any mom skip a heart beat. As I left the hospital today to return to my own precious babies I got really sad and couldn't say goodbye. Those of you who have a true best friend...the kind where you were inseparable spirit for a good part of your life know what I mean. I have hurt for her so bad these past few years and now that he is here it stinks to not be able to be close enough to be there. As we left, her family and those that surround her on a daily basis were coming in. I have to say I was quite envious of their time. I had only a few short hours to do those best friend duties like cleaning house and making meals. All those things she did for me even in her own pain. We have cried together over drill team/cheerleading, boys, separating for college, boys ; ), we have been each others maids of honor, we have called each other practically daily for the last fifteen years of life which made yesterday so wonderful to me. Jonah is truly blessed. He was and will be prayed for and he has a mommy that wanted him so badly. Congratulations! Love you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a bird, It's a plane!

I made Parker a cape for Christmas. With all the other gifts it kinda ended up in a corner somewhere but it thrilled me when he put it on yesterday to do some super hero work in the front yard. Love that kid!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas rewind

Christmas was so much fun this year. We had several parties and did several activities but I want to remember Christmas day.
Jer and I set our alarm for 6:30. The plan was to do Santa at our house then go to Mamaw's and Papaw's for gifts and breakfast. At ten till 6 I was wide awake. I could tell Jer was awake too. He let out an 'I'm too excited to sleep'. So we got up and got everything ready to leave after the kids opened gifts. At 6:30 we went into Parker's room. The video is priceless and if I knew how to upload it I would. He sat straight up in bed and smiled a big smile. I told him Santa came! He hopped out of bed and the squeals and excitement were just all I hoped for. The two things my sweet little boy asked for still make me smile. He asked for a violin and a trumpet. Santa brought a workbench and two wrapped gifts. (can you believe I don't have a picture of the set up?) He loved the workbench and quickly saw Maggie's toys...a precious doll I researched for weeks before settling on and a pram to push her in. I also came upon a rocking chair just like the one I had when I was little. With a little work it looks as good as new. He was so excited for her. So typical. We all went to get Maggie knowing she is my late sleeper. She quickly came around and gave a few wows! Before we set down to open,we all went outside to place baby Jesus in the manger thanking God for what Christmas is about. When we came back in he looked at the workbench and said, " I guess Santa didn't bring a violin." I pointed out the gifts and of course his violin and trumpet were there all along. After taking our time opening gifts we loaded up to Jer's mom and dad's. I always thought my mom went above and beyond when it came to gifts but Mamaw takes it to another level. I still am not sure how I feel about it. It gives her such joy...and who doesn't like to be spoiled. We opened gifts, had a wonderful breakfast, and cleaned up the rest of the morning. Jer and Maggie took a nap while Parker and I opened all the boxes. I love putting together toys. I guess my childhood love of Legos is explained. At about 3:00 we headed to Mom's. She lives in a beautiful little condo on the lake. I mean little. My sister and her two girls and husband and then my family...we were busting at the seems. I had imagined it all a little more romantic then what transpired but it turned out okay. We made steak and hash brown casserole and lots more great food. We all actually set down to eat at the same time. A Christmas miracle! Ha! We bathed the kids and settled the older ones down with a movie in bed. Jer and I, my sister and her husband and the two little ones went to a neighboring condo for the night. I bought Jer a new game he plays with the guys from work called Settlers. It is kinda like Monopoly and Risk in one. We all played till 2:30 in the morning. The four of us used to play games all the time when we had only one child each. Things got more complicated with two more kids. We had a great time. Christmas ended and we didn't even notice. This past week I have spent taking down decorations and putting away new toys. Thankfully I had spent the fall purging the kids rooms of just about all their toys. I love Christmas and can't wait till next year but I also look forward to this new year.