Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tu-tu cute

My sweet friend Adrienne sent me this tu-tu for Mags. I put it on her and she carries on with her busy day. Little did I know till this weekend she made it. That makes it even more special. Thanks Adrienne. Here she is as my helper making supper. Who says you are ever too big for the bumbo?

What a weekend

This past weekend was what I have been looking forward to for a long time. Just my two best girls and no kiddos to drag around. We shopped and ate and ate and ate and shopped. We registered Adrienne at Target and was so impressed with all the new things that came out in the last couple of years. It seems a lot of manufacturers read my mind about the things that were wrong with their products. Adrienne was pretty laid back and basically got whatever Kristen and I recommended. FUN! I love bossing! Then we went shopping and I found a ton of stuff. Doesn't that always happen when you don't have money to spend? I found a great sweater and Banana and remembered why I love that place. It seems like I never go into real stores since kids and I am not sure why not. All in all it was a great time and I could have stayed longer if motherhood guilt didn't kick it. Ha. I love my girls! To bad we don't have any pics so I will just post the best one of us from last year.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One year olds and bathtubs...

Maggie loves to take a bath. She cries when she has to get out. I believe 'bath' was one of the first words she recognized. As a baby, just at the mention of the word she would crawl to the bathroom. Now that she is a little older she can get in by herself. Scary. It makes me laugh when I am standing there but wouldn't you know....she got in while Parker and his cousin Anna were taking their bath....in her PJ's. I had just given her and Kate a bath, lotioned them, gotten them ready for bed when I here MOMMY! Note to self....bath water is to be drained immediately! Is that picture of her getting in the tub not the cutest! (and yes I pulled up that much hair in a tiny rubber band to hold a bow)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged....two weeks ago

I told Adri I would do this like two weeks ago...did I mention I am behind? This will be so hard because I am so normal and all....ha

Tag, You're It!Here are the rules:Link to the person who tagged you. Mention the rules on your blog. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. Tag six fellow bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the six blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I hate pee. Okay that is not that weird I know most people don't like it or anything but I really think it is disgusting. Pee in the toilet ugh...the really full overnight pee diaper ugh ugh.....hearing someone pee ugh ugh ugh.....

2. I have absolutely no routines...that I can think of.

3. If I could have a job decorating Christmas trees my life would be complete. LOL

4. I am not good in reverse. If you don't believe me check out the bumper and sides of my van.

5. I could live without cell phones...I did it for a long time.

6. A fun date for me is going to eat and to Sam's to look around. That has to mean that Jer and I are meant to be because who does that? (except really old people)

I wrote those in like five minutes. Adri said she had to ask her husband. What is that saying?

Crescent roll chicken

This is for Adrienne. I told her this was a very common recipe and she seems to think people eat differently in NWA than they do here in LR. This is a completely unhealthy family fave.

For a quick dinner you can use can chicken...for company sake you can boil and shred 2 breasts(ha)

2 cups grated sharp chedder
2 cans crescent rolls
3oz cream cheese
cream of chicken soup

1. Drain chicken and combine with softened cream cheese and 1/4 cup milk
2. fill crescent rolls with a large spoonful of cream cheese mixture and roll into crescent shape. Place them in a 9x13 dish.
3. In a seperate bowl combine soup milk and cheese. Pour over crescents and bake 350 till rolls brown slightly.

The mother of all updates!

Instead of putting when these events happened I am just going to pretend they happened yesterday and I am on top of it. The truth is I am wayyy behind in the blog world. That is because the real world has been busy and I have been crazy tired. So lets begin....

Take me out to the ball game...Okay I want to believe my child is gifted in many areas and I swear sports is one. What other three year old can sit and watch 3 entire innings straight in a row. I mean commenting, asking questions, and cheering the whole time. I was in awe. Maybe that is normal but I was impressed. Maggie loved running around and waving at everyone. My social child...not sure where she gets it.

The zoo.

We went to the zoo with my sister and her kids. This was the first time Daddy got to go. The big kids and the dads rode the train while the little ones played on the playground. Maggie was hilarious when she saw the zebras. She was just pointing and talking and loved them. I am under the impression that she is going to be into horses. Parker loved the giraffes and announced he is no longer afraid of camels.

First Day of Preschool

Hurricane Gustov put quite a damper on the first day of preschool to say the least. We were without power and Parker's teacher couldn't even get there. Needless to say there were no pictures with mommy on the first day. He loved it though! He is doing very well and I must compliment his behavior. For the past three weeks I have seen an enormous change in behavior. He has been so polite and sensitive towards others. He has obeyed and I have hardly had to discipline. I will write more about my discoveries on that later. This week in school they have talked about families and pets. I do wish that maybe school and church were in different places. It feels as though he is there allllll the time and he gets them confused. I guess there could be worse things but I would like him to know the difference.


I hosted this months bunco. I am so glad I did because it was the catalyst for all the projects. I am proud to say I finished them all! I will post pics later but I finished! I love having parties at my house because the cleaning that goes on makes me feel so great when everything is done. We had a great time. I fixed roast with carrots onions and sweet potatoes. I made mashed potatoes green beans and rolls. I also made spicy corn dip and cobbler for dessert. The girls requested home cooking because they know I love to cook. It amazes me how so many people now days don't know how to cook.
I left out a ton of other things and just about all the details. It is finally documented now and I can go from here. Hopefully I will be up to doing more.