Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where is my blogging spirit?...and T-ball

I have had so many big events this past month but absolutely no drive to post. Since this IS my scrapbook I have to write about it now before I forget.


Parker made the T-ball cut off by almost a month. Tate and Parker are the youngest on the team. He is playing with boys that are already six. At their first game Parker and Tate were still three. I was worried that we may have started too soon but I feel better after being to practice and a game. His buddies Tate, Caden, and John Michael are all on his team which adds to the fun in the stands. Parker had his first "practice" which was actually just a meeting where parents recieved the schedule and supplies needed. He was very disappointed when he found out that they were not actually practicing so Coach Chris let the boys hit the practice stick.

Can you tell he was excited?

Tate, Parker, and Caden three of the cutest baseball boys around!

The Rockhounds had their first game two weeks ago and it was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is funny how proud you can be of a little boy who know next to nothing about the rules of the game. Honestly though I was suprised how well they actually did. Parker's first turn up at bat you would have thought he won an oscar he was smiling so big. When he made it to first he did try to field the next team mates ball. Too funny! When he made it home he faced the crowd and gave a big "I did it!" I am not going to lie... I teared up. I see a long future hanging out at the ball field in a lawn chair. Good times!

Go #6!