Monday, June 30, 2008

Patiently waiting on patience

Today was going to be different. Better. I was not going to get frustrated when Parker cried. I really wasn't. It is not that he does it after one disappointment...but after everyone.
Ash and I took the boys with their trikes to the park. They both recently learned to peddle well and we thought it would be fun to ride the trails a bit. It was fine in the beginning but then Parker decided he wanted to ride Tate's trike. Parker's is much easier to ride with heavy rubber tires and a seat with a back. Tate being the black and white kinda guy he is just didn't see the need in that and flat out said no. "WAAA!!! But I want too!"
I quickly let him know that was not acceptable but that just sends him further over they edge. I told him to get back on his trike and lets go. He kept crying so I PUT him on his trike.
"I don't want to ride it!" I probably had a little angst in my voice and said "Let's go"
"No!" So then I swiftly removed him and spanked him. I can not tolerate a blatant disobedience. It just doesn't stop though. He whined he cried all through out the day. What's a mom to do about constant whining. I am at a constant battle of the mind. I am not afraid to spank don't get me wrong. I believe in it. It is what the bible teaches but, how do you discipline whining and crying. Do you consider them tantrums that they can turn on and off and are being defiant when they don't stop. Or is it something you ignore and hope it goes away (before all your friends stop wanting us for play dates). The bible says ''a child left to his own will cause a mother shame. '' That is why I find it hard to ignore. My frustration gets the better of me and sometimes makes it worse. I guess that is my time to whine. Pray that I will be more patient tomorrow. "Remain in me and I will remain in you" That's what HE said before listing the fruits of the spirit. Its the remaining part that is hard for me. I only get this chance once and don't want to mess up. Time is flying by and I just want to do the right thing.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stay at home mom in training

I have often felt as if I do not do my job correctly but never really could figure out why. I am on a mission to do this job that God gave me as the true desire of my heart. I want a clean happy home. I want to spend my husbands hard earned money in a way that honors his work and God's genorosity. I want a home that radiates Gods love and warmth. I have visited a few sites from different mom's and keep going back to the super traditional, meek christian moms. Can a girl that is definately not naturaly meek and mild become that? I is possible through constant surrender. I don't want to "lose it" again with my kids. It has become somewhat acceptable in my circle as we claim "real life." I felt strong conviction the other day when I really lost it over ANOTHER melt down from my three year old. (i wonder where he gets it) I don't care about stuff and political correctness even though I was raised to have my feet in that deceptive water. Where to begin? Maybe this is the direction I need to take....learning to be a stay at home mom. I didn't have that model so I am realizing after two years I don't know what I am doing. Pray for me and send any wisdom my way.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mexico and Hot Springs

Well Jer is off to tell Dora about Jesus! We were blessed with a paid for trip for just the two of us this year so we decided to go with our youth on their summer trips. Jer went on the Mission trip and I am going to camp. (in Daytona....suffering for the Lord) He called and sounded as excited as he gets. They drove for two days straight and arrived at 2:30 AM. ugh.
The kids and I have been spending the week with Mom. It has been wonderful. Her little place is so nice and the view is beautiful. Parker has been riding his sweet tricycle around and Maggie and I follow in the stroller. Normally I hate to be hot in the summer but on the lake it is just different. We swim for a few hours each day and make up games in the pool like I did as a kid. Maggie is a brown biscuit as my mother says. She is sooo is so cute. Parker has some strange tan lines himself with a life jacket and floaties. He won't get in the pool without them but if he has them he will do just about anything. Mom hasn't had her satellite hooked up yet so we have watched some movies on her imac. (i think that's what its called) Tonight after a dinner I gave the kids a bath. Then we danced to Mom's soul music. Parker couldn't breathe he was laughing so hard. He gets this dance face and shrugs his shoulders. He is in a stage lately where everything I say he asks why afterwards. It drives me batty! We have been practicing if I tell him something to do instead of saying why he says yes mam. He get confused with his script though cause I'll tell him something to do and then I'll ask, "What do you say?" He'll say, I'm sorry or please. Mom bought him a puzzle to do and after every correct piece he claps and cheers....its a 60 piece puzzle....lots of cheering. Maggie has entered the finicky eating stage. She loved vegis at first and now she won't touch them. I am so upset. I am so torn on how to handle their eating. I want to give them a balanced meal but three times a day is a lot of work. I don't want to just fix what they will eat but yet I don't want to be a short order cook either. When I figure all the answers to my questions I'll let you know.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Much is given

Today I woke up a blogger. I did a quick check of Amy's page to kinda see what she does each day. Parker is watching Little Einsteins and Mags is still asleep. She talked about something near and dear...frugal grocery shopping. I have been staying home two years now and the first year and a half were tight...very tight. Like snag a roll of Mom's toilet paper before going home tight. Like qualified for WIC. Glory to God we survived and always had more than enough. Already I am thankful for that time...and in a weird way kinda miss it. (not too much) But it made everything a mission. I remember thinking how much money we wasted while I was working if I could feed our family for about $60 a week. My friends all joked about it and asking how we did it. I need to get back to that mentality and be a better steward. .."To whom much is given much is expected." Well I will give some of those ideas later but back to this morning. Parker came to me and said Im hungry. I bought a single serve pancake mix this week and fresh blueberries (I am constantly trying to find SOMETHING healthy this kid will eat) Together we made pancakes. I couldn't find my camera till they were eaten. I'm not convinced he loved them without syrup but since we did it together he was his usual enthusiastic self saying "mmm...thats good" with a not to convincing look. I think they needed a little sugar or something. Maggie is awake so here is a pic and I will see you later!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My first post

I feel like I have should have something big to say here but I guess I can just introduce The Cole's...est. 2002

My husband... Jer as I like to call him. Could be short for Jerome (all HSU alumni) or Jeremy for any others. We are more alike than we would like to admit...except he is such a boy. He is in a job God faithfully gave him to support us so I could stay home. He is great at what he does and sometimes even likes it. He is my leader and constant support. He NEVER makes me feel bad about myself in anyway. My favorite thing about him besides his broad shoulders and barrel chest is he truly loves God and wants the best for his family.

Parker...Where to begin. He is my snaggle tooth three year old. Yes, he is already missing a tooth from a run in with the hardwood floor. He loves puzzles and pizza. Just recently realized he loves to swim. He would live outside if I would let him and play 'baseball team' all day. He is the "thrower" (not pitcher). My favorite thing about him besides the freckles on his nose and his tiny tush is his enthusiasm. He makes everything exciting.

Maggie....My Maggie. She is my kissable 1 year old. I can't help but want to eat her alive. She has been loud since the day she was born. In fact the nurse wouldn't let her stay in the nursury the night after she was born...too loud! I always wanted to be meek and gentle but never was. Doesnt look like Mags will be either! She is full of smiles and wants to talk so badly. She is independent...likes to eat by herself and even play by herself....nothing like Parker. Her expressions just make me smile. More often now she lays her head on my chest and my heart aches. My favorite thing about her besides her beautiful eyes and rubber band thighs is her love for me.

Me...I am a constant work. I want so bad to have it all together but then I wouldn't need Gods help so here I am. I try to be positive know. I try to be patient know. I try to be quiet know. I try to be neat and tidy and thin and prompt and kind and thoughtful know. I hope to truly find out more about me. Here are some concrete things about me. I drive a mini van. Love it. I used to teach school. Didn't love it. I love spaghetti and laying out by any body of water with a good book. I like long baths and sad to say TV. I love getting Maggie out of her crib in the morning and Parker's spider long legs and arms wrapped around me tight. I love going on old people dates to Sam's with my hubby and talking bout our blessings over dinner somewhere alone. I love my stay at home mom friends in our below average housing neighborhood. I love calling around in the morning to see what the plan for the kids will be that day. I love dove chocolate and knowing I will get it on every holiday from Jer even though he knows I shouldn't;t. I love milk shakes from Chick fil A and watching shows about flipping houses every Saturday night with Jer. I love bows to match all Maggie's outfits and how she can put her legs in a perfect V in her car seat. I love when Parker goes on and on listing things out funny. Most of all I love my faithful God. Where I would have given up on me long ago God continues to bless me. I must give him all the glory for all I have in my life. I am so thankful and know that without his grace I would not be living the life I have.