Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kites and an award

It has been so long since I posted and I really have no excuse. We had a really windy day recently and I had promised Parker that we would fly kites as soon as it was warmer and windy. I am pretty big on the nap schedule thing but after school and lunch we decided we couldn't wait till nap was over. The weather around here is so unpredictable you just gotta go with it. Parker did great. It was so windy that I really didn't have to help all that much. Which was a good thing since it was one of those days that the mail man wanted to talk and the Jahovah witnesses did too. Ha. They have been after me since college I swear! As usual Mags was content doing her own thing...pulling around a wagon collecting nuts and random pieces of mulch...basic 21 month old projects. She did take a seat to be Parker's cheerleader. It is days like these that make me wonder why I am so blessed. Gotta love that belly!

I think the only reason he wasn't upset here was because he knew I could reach it.


I recieved an award!

Adrienne sent me this award. Not sure I deserve this one because my attitude not always lemony fresh! But I love her for it anyway! Thanks. I do have gratitude to my God. I know everything that is good in my life is from Him!

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Nominate 8 other blogs which show great attitude and or gratititude.

3. Link to the nominees.

4. Let them know by leaving them a comment.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your reward.

I nominate:


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hide and no seek...

Today we got the play dough out. Sometimes I feel bad for Parker because Maggie is too young to know how to play with a lot of fun things so she ends up messing up his creation or stealing the tools. I guess those are the things that build the older siblings character. This is Maggie with the play dough roller hiding from me. Every time I called her name like I was looking for her she looked down a little further and leaned in the closet a little more. It was so funny. As soon as she saw I had a camera she turned around and cheesed for the camera.
Parker made me a cake! I just love play dough cake!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For anyone who knows me knows my precious baby boy has had a rough first semester of preschool. I, being a former teacher and former class pet was truly horrified by the wildness of my perfect child. I could not believe for example he 1. stuck his tongue out at the preschool director 2. Slapped his teacher of the bum! 3. and countless other minor infractions during the course of the semester. I have been extremely emotional about the whole thing. I have been unable to talk to his teacher about it without tearing up...which has made things slightly awkward. LOL. During the course of my bible study last week I discovered this whole thing is NOT that big a deal. The problem has been my attitude. I learned I can not control my son. It doesn't mean I can't discipline him but I can't control him and I can't let his behavior control me. I have given it to God. I am working on responding instead of reacting and would you believe he has had WONDERFUL reports this week. Another teacher actually stopped me to compliment his behavior at recess. Recess is where most of his problems seem to happen. I know he won't always have perfect days. He is three. But I have decided I will not agonize over his behavior any longer. I will be diligent in discipline and leave the rest up to God. I think God knew what he was up to because this week happened to be Parker's turn to be "Star Student" This entitles him 3 blissful days of bringing snack, leading the line, sharing show and tell, AND

holding the flag! For snack his crazy mom thought it was 'N' week but really it was 'O' so the Nemo fruit snacks, Nutty bars, and Nilla Cakesters were a waste. pays to be organized! So Parker and I made orange jello jigglers, and oreos to make amends for Wednesday's and Friday's class. I guess I can say that preschool has definitely been a learning experience....I just hope I am not the only one learning.