Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Preschool choir

Parker started preschool choir in the fall. After seeing the ''big kids'' sing on stage at VBS it has been a dream to do the same. A few weeks back Jer was out of town so instead of dropping the kids and heading cross town to visit our youth service I chose to stay and watch choir practice. It was their first time on stage practicing for the big Christmas program. OH MY! My son let me just say really gets into it. The silliness that boy has in him is just....whoa. I thought well this is the first time they have been on stage he really had a hard time paying attention but he will calm down. Last week I went to choir practice. Yes he calmed down but if singing without silliness is a developmental mile stone....we aren't there. After every song he yelled out with arms high, "JESUS!" I guess that is fine since we are at church and all but it is not at all part of the songs. During the practice I turned to my friend who was holding back her giggles and I asked, "What am I going to do with him?" She laughed but I heard another mom say under her breath, "I know what I would do." .....I keep hearing that phrase and thinking... really? I mean I want him to take choir seriously too but he is 3. His choir teachers assures me he is fine. They are friends though so I wonder. We practiced at home with him singing correctly and he can do it. Sometimes I wonder if what I think is funny 3 year old behavior others are looking at saying discipline your child. I sure hope not. Anyway, Sunday night the choir had their first performance. It was an informal missions night in the gym. They were to sing two songs. He was definitely one of the two most enthusiastic but Parker blended fine (in my opinion) with the rest of the performance. He was so proud yelling hi to me and Jer. Sunday is the performance in front of the church. All of our family is coming to watch so it should be super exciting. I guess it is one of the fine lines we walk as mommies. How do you calm a child without taking away an enthusiasm? I just am not ready to do that. Everything Parker sees is the coolest most exciting thing ever. I don't want that to change.
If open mouths determine who is singing the loudest....can you pick Parker?
(Anna Beth was stiff competition on that one : )
A pre-performance family shot.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Tradition...year 1

My hubby asked what I wanted for the outside of our house this year. I wanted a manger. So he and Parker headed to Lowe's for a man's trip. After a while he called to show me this precious manger.

We looked everywhere for an outdoor star to hang above it. This one will work.

Now on Christmas morning (before presents) we will go as a family and lay "baby Jesus" in the manger.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh Christmas tree!

Let me just say that I take the Christmas tree very seriously. I know get over it right? Well, as I have posted before if I could decorate trees for a living my life would be complete.

When I was a little girl we had a tradition that Mom made chocolate chip cookies when we put up the tree. None of those cookies in a tube....the real thing. (the only way I make them) Isn't it funny how little luxuries like cookies aren't that exciting anymore. I mean it was a BIG deal to us. Kinda like a big deal when Mom bought Velveeta for cheese dip....anybody hearing me? HA! So I made the cookies and the tree is up ready to be decorated. We plug in the lights and.....none of them work this year. We all go to Wal-mart to be severely disappointed by the selection and head to Target. After we find what we need we head home and it is already 8:00! So I video Maggie and take a few shots of her decorating herself instead of the tree and put her to bed. She needs her beauty sleep. Parker stays up and helps me decorate....the bottom three rows of branches: ) I know growing up my tree was made up of the precious ornaments my sister and I made as children and we thought it was beautiful and it was. But, my tree is not one of those trees. I will have a tree as a centerpiece of our table to display those priceless works of art. I really am not that particular about anything else but the tree....it is my personal work of art.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I had to make note that a prayer request has been answered. Tate is doing well. One of Parker's closest buddies had open heart surgery yesterday. Scary thought for anyone but to hard to comprehend as a mom. Please keep him and his mommy and daddy in your prayers. We love this little boy and want him back to normal as soon as possible. We have memories to make! As Parker so wisely prayed..."Thank you God for Tate. Thank you God for doctors. Thank you God for Hospitals." AMEN!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Reunion, Halloween... both not as scary as they sound

Two weeks ago we had our ten year high school reunion. It turned out to be a lot of fun. It is funny how similar we all were yet leading such different lives. At the park things were pretty casual. That night we all gathered downtown in a basement of a bar. It was neat atmosphere but the $120 dollar fajitas were not quite $120 worth. LOL. My two closest friends and their husbands (which kept Jer incredibly entertained) all caravaned in the Caravan. After talking with old friends till midnight we left to go to IHOP. From what I can tell our party at IHOP was a little tamer (but couldn't be less fun) than that of some of my friends from school. Jeremy and the guys were worked up to be some kind of silly. They had us laughing all night. It took me a few days to recover from being up till 2:30. I have never been good much past 11 or so.

Me and Jeremy, Adrienne and her husband Jeremy(or is forehead anyway) and Kristen and her husband Mark. Aren't we cute!

My old Jr. High drill team buddies. Shannon, Me, Amanda, and April


We had a great time Halloween. Instead of going to the carnival we decided to go to my sister Shelley's to trick or treat for the first time. Parker practiced with me at the front door several times before we left that day. Then I had to practice LOL. I finally finished his costume. Not that it was elaborate or anything it just takes a while when you get to work in 10 minute sessions. I bought the pirate t-shirt at Target and wanted to find some fabric to match the pirate pants to the shirt. Good luck with that! I decided to paint the stripes on. Being brilliant I first got black fabric ant tried to paint orange stripes...didn't work. Got smart. Black on orange....duh. I made the boot covers and about threw them out the door before I finished but they turned out OK. I had to let Maggie's costume out a bit....she is so stinkin cute though. Parker wore his costume the whole day before Halloween....target and the mall included. Fun times. We trick or treated in a Shell's neighborhood and Parker and Anna squealed they were so excited. As the rang the door bell they would say 'trick or treat' and when they opened the door they were silent. One of the funniest moments was when we got back and a group of older kids came to the door and Parker gave them a handful each but they just stood there wanting more I guess. Parker wanted to help them with what to do next and so he said, " Alright, go to another house now." We all cracked up.

We went to Jeremy's parents first to trick or treat. Like every year they go all out. My kid's have the best grandparents.

This is true Maggie. This tantrum is about to get ugly. I know it is bad but it makes me laugh.

Maggie really wanted Parker's glow stick. Big brother was nice enough to let her explore it.

All in all it was a lot of fun. I have such wonderful memories of Halloween as a kid. When else do you get to play dress up and show off to a bunch of strangers for candy? Sounds like fun to me!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doesn't sound a bit like me!

What do you know I am behind in my blogging. I am going to stop drawing attention to the fact with the next post! This post is basically to caption some great shots of the weekend before last. It was a whirlwind but I love those kind! Especially when I can take my kids along places that most people wouldn't dare. I have two exceptional kids I might add. They both can be silly as loons but I wouldn't trade them for a million "perfect" kids. I take my kids with me everywhere. This weekend Jordan and I attempted a crazy task! We took our kids to the most amazing wear house sale of cards, invitations, plates and all kinds of fun things. It was a mad house! The kids did great though. When Jordan found out we would have to stand in line close to 2 hours we happily said I would take the kids to McDonald's to play and she got to stand in line...I think I got the better end of that deal! Here are some pics of my fab finds! Oh wait....I was going to get up to take pictures and post them but Jordan actually borrowed my camera! You will have to wait till tomorrow!
Back to the weekend before last

Jer's Granny has breast cancer so Mom-C and I took the kids to race for the cure. We didn't race mind you...if we did we sure didn't win! I made the kids shirts to get some pictures to send to Granny in the hospital. The kids did great and the double jogging stroller was the envy of all with children! Then we went to the toy store to look a doll Santa was thinking about for Mags. I needed convincing that spending an absurd (not American girl absurd) amount of money on her first doll was okay. She is just the one to take in those situations! Since we had our race shirts on we got 20% off our total purchase! That sealed the deal for me! I had so much fun it was like being a kid again except getting to pick what you got for Christmas! Does anyone my age enjoy toy shopping as much as me....I don't think so. Now I just have to keep myself from playing with everything till Christmas!

That night I had a sleepover with my Sunday school girls. What a great group. They are truly the most fun, down to earth group I have ever spent time with. They remind me so much of my friends in high school. They talked until 2:30 AM! Then I went home to sleep in my own bed. The next day was Church of course....amazingly I wasn't exhausted. But then....came.....the.....FAIR.

Having kids gives you a reason to have fun all over again. I mean I liked the fair post marriage pre kids but now....it is just fun to watch you own kids enjoy things. In that department I am doubly blessed. I have the two most enthusiastic, MOM DID YOU SEE THAT!...kids around! After the fair I was definitely tired. I ate so much fried goodness that I am shocked to say I haven't seen it on the scale this week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My dears in the woods

Parker is officially a big boy! He went to the deer woods for the first time today with Papaw and Daddy. He was very concerned for me and tried to assure me the he would be home soon. He asked daddy if there was enough room so I could go. But I assured him deer camp was for boys only! This made his day....that and his new work boots. He was so excited to wear work boots to clean up the deer stand. He let me know that, "we aren't gonna shoot'em this time, Mommy." Ugh....not looking forward to my son (at any age) and live ammunition. I was not raised around guns or hunting so all this I must leave and trust to my dear deer hunting husband. It still scares the crud out of me. I know....boys are 'Wild At Heart'...read it moms of boys.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tu-tu cute

My sweet friend Adrienne sent me this tu-tu for Mags. I put it on her and she carries on with her busy day. Little did I know till this weekend she made it. That makes it even more special. Thanks Adrienne. Here she is as my helper making supper. Who says you are ever too big for the bumbo?

What a weekend

This past weekend was what I have been looking forward to for a long time. Just my two best girls and no kiddos to drag around. We shopped and ate and ate and ate and shopped. We registered Adrienne at Target and was so impressed with all the new things that came out in the last couple of years. It seems a lot of manufacturers read my mind about the things that were wrong with their products. Adrienne was pretty laid back and basically got whatever Kristen and I recommended. FUN! I love bossing! Then we went shopping and I found a ton of stuff. Doesn't that always happen when you don't have money to spend? I found a great sweater and Banana and remembered why I love that place. It seems like I never go into real stores since kids and I am not sure why not. All in all it was a great time and I could have stayed longer if motherhood guilt didn't kick it. Ha. I love my girls! To bad we don't have any pics so I will just post the best one of us from last year.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One year olds and bathtubs...

Maggie loves to take a bath. She cries when she has to get out. I believe 'bath' was one of the first words she recognized. As a baby, just at the mention of the word she would crawl to the bathroom. Now that she is a little older she can get in by herself. Scary. It makes me laugh when I am standing there but wouldn't you know....she got in while Parker and his cousin Anna were taking their bath....in her PJ's. I had just given her and Kate a bath, lotioned them, gotten them ready for bed when I here MOMMY! Note to self....bath water is to be drained immediately! Is that picture of her getting in the tub not the cutest! (and yes I pulled up that much hair in a tiny rubber band to hold a bow)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tagged....two weeks ago

I told Adri I would do this like two weeks ago...did I mention I am behind? This will be so hard because I am so normal and all....ha

Tag, You're It!Here are the rules:Link to the person who tagged you. Mention the rules on your blog. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. Tag six fellow bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the six blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I hate pee. Okay that is not that weird I know most people don't like it or anything but I really think it is disgusting. Pee in the toilet ugh...the really full overnight pee diaper ugh ugh.....hearing someone pee ugh ugh ugh.....

2. I have absolutely no routines...that I can think of.

3. If I could have a job decorating Christmas trees my life would be complete. LOL

4. I am not good in reverse. If you don't believe me check out the bumper and sides of my van.

5. I could live without cell phones...I did it for a long time.

6. A fun date for me is going to eat and to Sam's to look around. That has to mean that Jer and I are meant to be because who does that? (except really old people)

I wrote those in like five minutes. Adri said she had to ask her husband. What is that saying?

Crescent roll chicken

This is for Adrienne. I told her this was a very common recipe and she seems to think people eat differently in NWA than they do here in LR. This is a completely unhealthy family fave.

For a quick dinner you can use can chicken...for company sake you can boil and shred 2 breasts(ha)

2 cups grated sharp chedder
2 cans crescent rolls
3oz cream cheese
cream of chicken soup

1. Drain chicken and combine with softened cream cheese and 1/4 cup milk
2. fill crescent rolls with a large spoonful of cream cheese mixture and roll into crescent shape. Place them in a 9x13 dish.
3. In a seperate bowl combine soup milk and cheese. Pour over crescents and bake 350 till rolls brown slightly.

The mother of all updates!

Instead of putting when these events happened I am just going to pretend they happened yesterday and I am on top of it. The truth is I am wayyy behind in the blog world. That is because the real world has been busy and I have been crazy tired. So lets begin....

Take me out to the ball game...Okay I want to believe my child is gifted in many areas and I swear sports is one. What other three year old can sit and watch 3 entire innings straight in a row. I mean commenting, asking questions, and cheering the whole time. I was in awe. Maybe that is normal but I was impressed. Maggie loved running around and waving at everyone. My social child...not sure where she gets it.

The zoo.

We went to the zoo with my sister and her kids. This was the first time Daddy got to go. The big kids and the dads rode the train while the little ones played on the playground. Maggie was hilarious when she saw the zebras. She was just pointing and talking and loved them. I am under the impression that she is going to be into horses. Parker loved the giraffes and announced he is no longer afraid of camels.

First Day of Preschool

Hurricane Gustov put quite a damper on the first day of preschool to say the least. We were without power and Parker's teacher couldn't even get there. Needless to say there were no pictures with mommy on the first day. He loved it though! He is doing very well and I must compliment his behavior. For the past three weeks I have seen an enormous change in behavior. He has been so polite and sensitive towards others. He has obeyed and I have hardly had to discipline. I will write more about my discoveries on that later. This week in school they have talked about families and pets. I do wish that maybe school and church were in different places. It feels as though he is there allllll the time and he gets them confused. I guess there could be worse things but I would like him to know the difference.


I hosted this months bunco. I am so glad I did because it was the catalyst for all the projects. I am proud to say I finished them all! I will post pics later but I finished! I love having parties at my house because the cleaning that goes on makes me feel so great when everything is done. We had a great time. I fixed roast with carrots onions and sweet potatoes. I made mashed potatoes green beans and rolls. I also made spicy corn dip and cobbler for dessert. The girls requested home cooking because they know I love to cook. It amazes me how so many people now days don't know how to cook.
I left out a ton of other things and just about all the details. It is finally documented now and I can go from here. Hopefully I will be up to doing more.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Am I big enough?

Preschool starts next week. He will go three days a week for three hours. Yesterday we had open house to meet Parker's teacher. The night before last I was explaining we were going to meet his teacher in the morning. I asked him what he was going to say when he met her. He said, "I am going to say, I can write my name and it is nice to meet you."
Yesterday morning he was sitting in my lap. I reminded him that we were going to meet his teacher at preschool today. Still half asleep he said, "but I'm not big yet. I'm supposed to go to school when I get big." I told him he was plenty big for preschool.
As I got ready he decided he wanted to draw his new teacher a picture. A few days ago he drew the first picture that actually looked like something. (I cried) He brought it to show me and I suggested he write his name so she will know who it is from. He asked, "does my new teacher have a name?" "Yes" I said, " I just don't know it yet."
We made it to school (just around the block) and he realized he left his picture. I didn't want him to be disappointed during the important moment so I asked if we needed to go back and get it. We did. When we met his teacher he said, "this is for you." He was smiling from ear to ear. I think it is going to be a great year!


All my life I have watched my mom create some amazing things. Whether sewing are painting or just making things she always has a project. Since she moved I no longer count on her to get excited about my ideas and create them for me. This is a good thing I guess because it has caused me to teach myself to do some things. I never had time in high school to take a Home Eco. type class but always wanted to sew. I asked for a sewing machine at Christmas and opened it up this week. I am hosting bunko next month and all those projects I listed last month are in full swing. For some reason I do half a project and move on to the next. I am sure I will complete them all, I just get bored easily. Back to the sewing...one of my projects was curtains for my bedroom. My sweet husband bought me some bedding I loved when it was half of half with an additional 30% off at Dillards. I needed some curtains to match. Mom and I went to the fabric store because after I painted my living room my cornice board needed an update. Would you believe they had already reduced designer prints an additional 75% off?! I got this gorgeous fabric for $3 a yard. I bought enough for the cornice and then bought some for the curtains. Friday night I had no kids at home thanks to my mother in law so I spent until one in the morning reading the manual and making a panel. It was not perfect but really got me excited.

So then I thought about the cute A-line dresses on eBay that are seasonal with a monogram on the front. I really wanted Maggie to have one but couldn't afford them. My mother in law suggested I go buy a pattern and we could look at it together. Sunday night we cut it out at her house then I took it home and sewed. It was so fun. Here it the dress without the orange ribbon for the trim. I already made another one and have plans for Christmas pajamas. I love clothes and can't afford to shop so this is so exciting to me. I never thought I had enough patience to do it but I really enjoyed doing something besides TV in the evening when the kids are in bed.

Two other projects I listed are in the process of being completed. I painted the headboard I have been putting of for sometime now. It still needs moulding at the top but looks good for now. Also, I had inspiration from Cathrine on Parker's room art. Do you see a trend? Only half way done. : )

I promise to finish when I get another moment without kids. Parker starts preschool next week so maybe I can get a few things done with just Maggie. Overall it was a pretty productive week.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The discipline to discipline

Wednesday Mom came to town to help me make decisions on huge issues in my life such as what color I should paint the headboard I am making. We had a great time doing what we use to do two or three times a week...just run errands together. Since Parker has recovered from the mysterious virus that has plagued so many of us he has really been testing me. I recognize at times that he requires a LOT of one on one attention. The times where he is not included in the convo and the shopping is not pleasant but this was different. He was genuinely testing me. I'm not sure why but believe me I was going to stay firm and consistent. Consistent has been my prayer this week. Consistent and patient and consistently patient. ha. I literally had to spank him three times at the mall. I didn't have a choice. I mean deliberate disobedience. I was actually calm and took him to a private area each time. I was just happy my mom was with me. Where a lot of times I feel judged about my parenting I don't at all around my mom. In fact she always reassures me I did the right thing. I guess my issue is not so much if spanking is wrong, I know the Bible clearly tells me it is a good thing. My question is am I doing it right? I remember as a child after receiving a spanking being upset for a while and staying on the DL for a while afterwords. I guess that is why it shocks me when he snaps back so quickly and retains next to none of my scolding or ....sting. Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday. More spanking more scoldings. I also added leaving early from spending time with his cousin and best bud. That cracked him. I mean he was so upset. So I guess what I have discovered is that I will continue to spank but a strong and powerful currency to him is time with his buds. I have learned his love language is definitely quality time. (he may think it is gifts lol) Tonight he came up to me and just growled with a big smile. He knew Maggie was in bed and he knows better than to yell during that time. I had to just grab him and hug him. He needed some one on one attention...bad. We went to his room and out of anything he wanted to play he asked to put the four foot long floor puzzle together. As we put it together his enthusiasm made me so proud. Even though I spanked him and took him home early he loves me and knows I love him. What an example for me as I learn to deal with discipline from our Heavenly Father. I never knew this is what they meant when people say parenting is tough. I always thought it meant the energy draining tough. My goal tomorrow is to be consistently patient and focus on my relationship with the Lord. All things are put into perspective when I am in the right place.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

sick of being sick..and a soap box

Whew....It has been a long 5 days. Wednesday Parker woke with a low grade fever. Being that you have decide at dawn to take your child to the pediatrician or you can't get an appointment for that day I called and scheduled him. Sure enough a double ear infection. Fine, I thought we are not contagious and everyone is acting happy. Oh nnnnoooo. That night I get a fever too. The next day my throat is awful. My fever is up and Parker's fever is through the roof. We stay medicated and of course the next day....Maggie has a fever. I am sure it is the virus that two of our close friends have dealt with but ugh....
Sunday the kids and I stayed home from church. We didn't go to Jer's parents for dinner to spare them a virus. Parker and I remained fever free all afternoon and we both needed out of the house. Daddy suggested Cracker Barrel so I was in. Parker was so funny. The little golf tee game that is on every table has new rules. According to Parker all the tees are to be placed on the table. Then very strategically you take turns placing a tee in each hole. Daddy asked Parker, "how do you win this game?" Parker said, "I win!" Oh... so we keep putting them in till you win. Got it! It was so funny Jer kept acting as if he had a strategy. He would say things like...ohhh don't put there..awe that was where I was gonna put mine. Parker loved it. Maggie had command of the tiny creamer cups and butter cups. Until she got sick of them and threw them in the floor....along with a saucer that broke. Nice. We came home put the kids to bed and I did my weekly Sunday night grocery shopping. I love shopping alone but hate how there is never anything left.
My throat still is killing me. I would be concerned about strep if I didn't know of a few others with this virus. If it isn't better by Tuesday morning I will make an appointment. It is bad to have sick kids but it is the worse to have sick kids and be sick yourself.

A Soap Box by: Natalie
School starts tomorrow for the rest of the world. Like I said I do my shopping on Sunday nights. Would you believe that at 10:30 the night before the first day of school there are kids out at Walmart? I mean not just a couple but a bunch. If that wasn't bad enough here is an example of showing your kids how important school is. There were a few with the school supplies list! Getting their school supplies at 10:30 the night before school starts. Nothing says your ready for a new year like that! I wasn't going to mention that the mother had a 'cupids lingerie' tank top on but it did add icing to the cake. How does that kid have a chance? The sad thing is if that child has a problem at school the parents will likely be as confused as they were tonight over why there are no pencils at Walmart the night before school starts! ugh! Kristen, I almost had to say something! ha
Seriously though. It made me think. (as I judged these people...I know) I can get fired up about people not showing children being prepared for school is important. What about parents not preparing our kids to know Jesus. I strolled past with the same crippled buggy I seem to always find and thought do people get this worked up over parents not showing what a big deal God is to their children? I don't want to be a mom that has her kids out at "10:30 at night" trying to show them how powerful God is in their life. That will have no effect on their life accept to say that God is not important to me. I pray that I can show my kids that Jesus is the only way to have a joyful life. I pray that everyday we constantly talk about what God has done for us. I want them to know God is important and that it is why we go to church and read his word. Not for our glory but because God is that important. Kids will see what it important to us. It is not the stuff we say at 10:30 at night. It is the stuff we prepare for.
Note: Believe me I know school is not the most important thing in life. Our society worships school in my opinion but just for comparison sake....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend update part two

We also went to the cutest birthday party. It was a cowboy themed party and Aden's mom had a petting zoo. The weather was next to perfect and the kid's loved it. Parker especially loved feeding the goats and the pony....and the pinata. Maggie loved going in and out of the goat pen. She would get down really close to them and just tell them all about it. If you haven't heard Maggie "talk" you are really missing out. We have probably been to 15 birthday parties in the past couple of monthes but this one was my favorite.

The weekend update

I mentioned that we made cookies for my great-grandmother's 102 birthday. She is not able to leave the nursing home anymore so Parker and Maggie and I took them to her. Parker did pretty well considering the enviroment. He was a little scared just because he hasn't been around her very much and her roommate is well....not all there. My great-grandmother still has her mind remarkably. She is blind but still remembers Shell and I vividly. She tells all the same stories about us as kids. It is kinda comforting knowing that she still remembers. I wanted to add a few pics of us. The first is my grandmother and the kids and the next is with the birthday girl. My mom told her not to have a wild party. She thought that was funny.