Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just another convo

Conversation goon on right now in my car
M: is the north pole real
P: yes
M: where is it?
P: at the top of the world
M: who made Santa
P: god. God made every one
M: did he make the elves?
P: yeah
M: well how do the elves make all the toys
P: they have screws and stuff like that
M: okay well how do they make hair?
P: they just do
M: no HOW
P: out of thread
M: you can't get there though
P: well it's so far youd have to go to outerspace.
Well you dot have to it's just so far away youd die before you got there. Cause it's so cold. You'd get sick.
M: why dont the elves get sick?

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