Monday, September 28, 2009

June girl....and other summer birthdays

Maggie Claire is turning two come and celebrate at Maggie Moo! For Maggie's 2nd birthday we had a birthday party at an ice cream parlor called Maggie Moo's. It was just too perfect and I couldn't pass it up! The kids had ice cream cupcakes and Maggie got some great gifts like this adorable 'bike' that Daddy accidentally ran over a month later. Some how it got left out behind his car and was fun while it lasted. She also received baby Millie her baby that drinks and really sucks a bottle. She LOVES her babies. Sweet Girls...I mean who wouldn't want to just eat them up?

There were soooo many parties this summer but just a little room to document with pics.
Jack's party was so neat. It had big trucks that the kids got to get in. They also brought their ride on toys so we had to go to Mamaws and borrow the gator! It was a hit with at least three kids on it at a time.

I just LOVE this picture of Parker. He is the one center stage with the blue trunks. This was also one of the neatest parties. Our local fire station let Caden celebrate his 5th birthday with the real firemen. We got to eat cake in their cafeteria, see where they sleep, watch them slide down the pole and then they took the ladder all the way up and sprayed all the kids! They had a ball!

Baby Vivian had her birthday this summer too! All summer Devon (who hardly looked pregnant) kept up with the rest of us at Magic Springs and then had a perfect baby go with her two boys! We tried to stay up and wait for her but decided at about 1 that if we would just leave she would come and we were right!

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