Tuesday, September 22, 2009

March and April cont...

Easter came and silly me had no decent camera to document how cute my babies were. This is after a long day of church, lunch, and indoor hunt because it POURED rain all day. There were adorable though. Parker had these pin striped pants I found at Gap for 10 dollars and a long sleeved polo for 15. I bought him some fake Sperry's from Target and since a teenager that plays the drums in the band at church has some like them, we still refer to them as drummer shoes. Maggie had a pink sailor dress and precious Willetwhite shoes. Before I had a girl I used to look at all those classic willit shoes and think how cute they were. She also had a white bow on a headband which looked so sweet with her curls. We took Parker with us to big church because our service was a musical that morning. He was perfect. I am sure he thinks there is a big performance every week that he is missing out on!
Maggie became quite the artist. It does run in the family but...well...I would appreciate a different canvas! No big deal because down the road from this time (last week) I repainted her room. Parker sang with the preschool at his spring concert. So funny! He was an angel (literally) but the only picture I have of him in his wings he is about to attack Tate...not so angelic moment!
I kept my nieces in April for a week. It was a lot of fun and only a bit more work to have them. I am so glad they are all close in age.

On the last night Anna and Kate were with me Mom came down and kept the babies while I took Parker and Anna to Disney on Ice. Fair warning: the price of the tickets is not the expensive part! The souvenirs had to cost more than the ones at actual Disney World! We had a good time and will have to go again with Kate and Maggie! Anna dressed as Tinkerbell and truly thought people didn't know she wasn't the real one. So funny!

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